Packing Smartly for Last Minute Flights

There are often occasions in life that require us to travel and visit other places and people almost spontaneously. You would have no plans for to take this trip before months and at random, before few days you get to know that you have to leave. It may sound terrific for many of us. Almost like a blunder for the planning and organized freaks. But, we have some simple tips to organize and prepare you for last minute flights.

Make a List of All Important Items Required

The first thing you would need to do for the trip would be to prepare a list of things, clothes and even gifts to buy for others. Things as small as the toothbrush for you needs to be written in a list, so that when you are completing packing nothing is left out in the hush, hush.

Complete Your Shopping Initially

After it is decided that you have to leave in a number of days and to prepare a list of required things you would get aware about the things that are to be bought. There would be few things or more depending upon your requirement to be bought. It is advisable to complete shopping before everything else. As shopping can sometimes be uncertain and time taking than expected.


The last round of laundry should be complete a day before the last day. This would save you lot of time for shopping and you would not need to juggle around dirty clothes and leave them as it is till you return or even worse take them dirty with you.

Document Folder

Keep a different document folder both hard copies as well as soft copies mail the soft copy to you as well as keep the hard copy aside. This would ensure there are no important documents left at the last minute. And to keep a safe side, it is recommendable to keep a soft copy in case you lose the documents anytime. It will help you reach to agencies and get them canceled with sufficient details on hand. Boarding last minute flights can be a pressurizing event in itself. There are all the chances that while preparing to leave on right time you may forget the documents or misplace them.


Pack everything wisely. Keep your clothes and essentials in order of use to avoid missing with them. If unsure you can arrange things as per their utility. Use only those bags that you can carry yourself without any help. Completing all the packing a day before the boarding dates to avoid chances of forgetting anything at the last moment.

Complete the Last Chores

Whether it is your home or office both the spaces would require being made changes as per your trip. You would need to lock the windows and doors carefully. Switch off the Heaters, Coolers as well as Fire and Electricity Inlets. The main switches are important to be switched off to avoid any possible mishap. Also, do not forget to clean and empty your refrigerator and tea or coffee makers else you would be welcomed by rotten and mildew affected appliances. Keep all the keys at a safe place to keep them accessible as you return.

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